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Interior Painting

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Interior Painting Service

The Right Interior Painting Service

Interior painting is much more challenging yet rewarding than exterior painting of the house. Since the former takes more creativity and imagination in picking up the right colours that have the power to influence the whole ambience around the house, as compared to the latter. Therefore, it is very important to select the right home painting services. The indoor painting team must have proven expertise in interior painting. Before picking up painters in Canberra you must have a look at their portfolio and view their work. There are 6 things you should consider before you finalize your decision about choosing painting services for your home.

Interior Painting Service

1. Let your prospective painter analyse the base paint, or the original coating inside the house. This is more important for houses that are at least 20 years old. Any professional painter would know whether the old paint needs to be scrapped out or not. This is the starting point of interior painting, especially if you wish your paint to last for a long time.
2. In order to ensure durability of indoor painting, you must get your broken and damaged walls and ceilings repaired beforehand. It is important to ensure that the walls are in their best condition before you hire a paint service. Wall checking includes weather conditions, possible water damaged spots, broken brick damaged and cracks. If the walls are not properly repaired, the paint will start to peel off within a few months of application.
3. Cheap rates and inexpensive paints offered by paint services are always tempting. But this decision, however, might cost you more in the longer run. It is best to select from those Canberra painters who offer you proper surface preparation, wall priming and final coating of the paint. Each technique and process is equally imperative to achieve high quality paint finish.
4. Always make sure that the home painting services you hire provide you accurate details of the budget, including hidden charges of labour and service. When looking for a painter, it is best to hire services that are contract based and provide honest budget reports.
5. Although the colour of paint is often subject to preferences, it is important to consider colours that sync well with interior spacing, temperature and furniture. A painting professional with his vast knowledge and expertise in interior painting will know what paint colour will suit your interior the best. It may seem a trivial decision, but it is not. He will take your interior décor and colour psychology into consideration and ensure the colour blends with your furniture and spacing perfectly.
6. Always use premium quality paints for internal painting. If you want durable and quality paint, you must select a brand that withstands harsh weather conditions, a paint that does not chip off easily and is also stain-resistant.
Choosing the most reliable painting service for the interior of the house is very important. Go for a specialized service offered by house painters in Canberra; that is licensed and has minimum 10 years of experience in the house painting industry. Tradeworks House Painting covers a variety of surfaces and are committed to providing excellence, reliability and quality interior painting services.

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Painting Your Fence

Painting Your Fence

I have had a few rental houses in my life. Being a woman I have had to look for chores I could do myself to save money. If you have the money you can get in a professional painter and save yourself the hassle of the sometimes daunting painting job at hand. Either way, if you choose the right painter from a reputable painting company like Canberra House Painting which is an arm of Tradeworks you should get the result you are after.

Painting Your Fence






When Painting Your Fence Things you will need to get going are:

  • Eye protection,
  • Rake or a leaf blower,
  • Mower or whipper snipper
  • Weed-killer,
  • Dropcloth,
  • Karcher power sprayer or washer,
  • A scraper (for scrubbing off old paint if you are repainting,
    maybe an orbit sander, (although I have never needed one,)
    steel brush and paint brushes
  • A spray painter
  • and of course the paint

Special Thanks To The Idaho Painter For Posting This Video!  Following screenshots from this video.

To get the precise result you are after when painting a fence, you need to clear the surrounding area up front. If you can’t be bothered and just want to get into the painting I understand. But there are 2 reasons you should clear first – one is to make your job easier and the second is so that when you are finished you can stand back and admire the beautiful fence and the neat surrounds. The neat surrounds will be like a picture frame and make your newly painted fence stand out. This to me is the stand out reason. I like to admire my finished work. Of course, if you have paving or concrete at the base of your fence you will need to be extra careful and you may need extra drop sheets.

Eliminating weeds or any leaves close to the fence so they don’t flick up onto the fence while you are moving about painting. OR if you ar using a spray gun you don’t want the wind from the spray flicking weeds and debris up onto the fence. You might need to cut, rake or spray weed-killer across the fence’s bottom edge; and maybe put a dropcloth below the fence.

Painting Your Fence

Preparation work would include tidying up the surface before the painting begins. If it is a previously painted fence remove any loose paint flakes. You can do this with your Karcher power washer/sprayer or you can do it by hand with a scraper or a wire brush – depending on what tools you have to hand. If there is mold or lichen growing on the fence go to the hardware store and ask them for the appropriate substance to help with this problem.

The first fence I painted I started off with a roller brush and I thought I was going well till after an hour or so I looked back and saw how much painting I had actually done and how much I still had to do. I groaned inwardly I think and that is when I headed off to the hardware store to by a spray gun. I don’t like cleaning equipment very much so when I started spray painting i knew i had to keep going till I was done otherwise i would have to was the sprayer every time. You might also want to consider that. Start your project early in the morning. And if you have to go and buy a paint sprayer and you don’t feel there is enough daylight left to get the job done wait till the next day to start with the painting portion of your task and then do it all in one go.

Painting Your Fence

Painting a fence is extremely rewarding – the resulting look cannot compare to naked timber boards. But don’t forget when you do go down this road in years to come with the sun and the wind and the rain this fence will need to be repainted. Consider all your options and then go to it.

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